Exciting News:
Our Aqua Therapy Team is now offering Underwater Treadmill Therapy!

We offer assisted and fitness swims, monitored by our certified and trained staff.

Assisted Swims 
Assisted Swims are for dogs that need assistance entering and exiting the pool. This provides a controlled environment for pre and post surgical dogs, senior dogs, weight management, arthritis, new swimmers, or any dog that needs hands on in the pool. Sessions are thirty minutes.

Fitness Swims
Fitness Swims are for dogs that are able to enter and exit on their own. Come bring a favorite toy and spend thirty minutes in a relaxing atmosphere while your dog

Aqua Therapy Prices
Fitness Swims – $25/session
Assisted Swims- $32/ session
Underwater Treadmill Therapy – $32/session
Splash & Play (Resort Guests) – $10/ session

Aqua Therapy Benefits
Enhances range of motion /flexibility
Strengthens muscles
Maintains or improves mobility
Improves respiratory and cardiovascular function
Assists in weight loss and management
Promotes general fitness

“The natural buoyancy of water reduces weight bearing stress, allowing the dog greater ease of movement with less strain on his bones, joints, and muscles. The viscosity and density of water creates even and fluid resistance in all directions, strengthening the dog’s muscles while allowing him to move with greater balance and efficiency. Hydrostatic pressure decreases swelling due to injuries or arthritis and improves proprioception. The warmth of the water relaxes muscles, dilates blood vessels, improves circulation and increasing blood flow to injured areas. All of these properties of water work together to create a healing environment in which to move.” (The Canine Fitness Institute LLC)