David Beste, VMD

Dr. Beste established MVH in 1982 and he is the medical director and lead veterinarian at Middletown Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Beste earned his Veterinary degree (VMD) from the University of Pennsylvania. He has many pets: 1 Dalmatian- Milhouse, 2 Dachshunds- Roxie and Mr. Burns, Marge his mixed breed, 1 German Shepherd- Fox Mulder, 2 domestic short hair cats- Clarence and Kiara, and a barn full of barn cats!

Some of Dr. Beste’s hobbies include horseback riding, genealogy, and kayaking!He was also a former English Bulldog Breeder.

Timothy Wright, VMD

Dr Wright has been with Middletown Veterinary Hospital since November 2004 and earned his Veterinary Degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He has 3 cats Jerry, Chuck, and Tiger and 2 Golden retrievers Layla and Finnegan. Some of Dr. Wright’s hobbies include woodworking, handyman jobs, and cigars.

Heather Coleman, DVM

Dr. Coleman is one of our Emergency Veterinarians. She earned her Veterinary Degree from Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. She has one dog Peanut aka “dorkie” which is a dachshund, Yorkie mix) and 2 Calico kittens named Thelma and Louise! Some of Dr. Coleman’s hobbies include baking, hiking, and playing with her dogs and kittens!

Matthew Jones, DVM

Dr. Jones earned his Veterinary Degree from Ross University’s School of Veterinary Medicine. He enjoys taking a day to go fishing in his spare time. He enjoys spending time with his 6 year old chocolate lab who is named Ripken.

Laurence Clarke Cushing, VMD

Dr. Cushing earned his Veterinary Degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He has 3 dogs Otto- a Golden Retriever, Scout – a Cairn Terrier, and Trinity –a Doberman, and also a Quarter Horse named Callie. Some of Dr. Cushing’s hobbies include hiking, fishing, and spending time with his family.




Erika Gennusa, DVM, CCRT

Dr. Gennusa earned her Veterinary Degree from Ross University’s School of Veterinary Medicine. She leads our Rehabilitation team and received her Canine Rehabilitation Training through the Canine Rehabilitation Institute. She has two island dogs Machete and Capone and a pot-bellied pig Lenard. She is keen on rescue animals and the human-animal bond and hopes to someday incorporate the two into local hospitals and schools. Some of Dr. Gennusa’s hobbies include running, spending time in her garden, and relaxing at the Delaware shore.



Amber Galloway, DVM

Dr. Galloway earned her Veterinary Degree from North Carolina State University. She has 1 dog named Granger who is a 13 year old Shar Pei mix and a cat named Elinor who is 4 years old and a Domestic Long Hair. Some of Dr. Galloway’s hobbies include raising sheep, goats, hogs, and hanging out with 4 retired horses. She also loves Disney, which is her most favorite place.



Alysia Reid, VMD

Bio and Photo Coming Soon!


Tatiana Segura Elizondo, DVM

Dr. Segura  earned her Veterinary Degree from Escuela de Medicine y Cirugia Veterinaria in San Francisco de Asis, Costa Rica. She currently has 2 cats – Tonita, an orange short hair cat from Costa Rica, and Margarita, a gray long hair cat from Arizona. Some of Dr. Segura’s hobbies include gardening, cooking, and traveling. She also enjoys biking, camping, and yoga as well as reading or watching movies and having a nice dinner with her significant other.

Shemi Benge, DVM

Dr. Benge joined Middletown Veterinary Hospital in July 2018. She earned her veterinary degree from the University of Florida and obtained her undergraduate degree in New Orleans at Tulane University. Her interests include medicine and surgery. She also enjoys treating exotics and wildlife. She has five family cats- Meeko, Abby, Iris, Bahamut and Theodore. In her free time, Dr. Benge enjoys hiking, biking, rock climbing, swimming, skiing and spending time with her family.

Margaret L. Volz MD, DVM

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Dr. Volz  first earned her medical degree from George Washington University School of Medicine, and then graduated from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 2005. She enjoys emergency and reproductive medicine as well as spending time with clients at well checkups and new puppy appointments. Dr. Volz loves spending time with all her pets, children and grandchildren, as well as knitting and spinning.