• A Trainer follow up appointment to discuss what your dog learned are 15 minutes and available Wednesday mornings from 9 AM to 11 AM or Saturdays 10 AM to 12 PM. Your pet's Train & Stay Report Card will be shared with you during your follow up appointment as well!

  • Our trainer will select from the commands below for your dog to work on based upon the initial session and assessment, the amount of Train & Stay Sessions scheduled, and any particular goals you have for them. Please note if there are any skills that you would like to focus on as goals for your dog:

    Heeling, Sit, Stay, Leave it, Come,Left/Right finish, Attention work, Release word, Down, Door manners, Greeting a stranger, No jumping

  • I understand during training classes, treats will be used as a training aid and I have listed all food allergies and sensitivities above.

  • I agree to allow photos or videos to be taken during sessions to be shared with me, on Middletown’s website/social media, and in the Pet Resort and Hospital.

  • I agree that neither Middletown Veterinary Hospital nor any instructor shall be held responsible or liable for any damages, bodily injury, or loss of property, during Train & Stay sessions. At the sole discretion of the instructor, any dog deemed aggressive towards people or other dogs during their first session, will be unable to participate in Train & Stay. Report Card and details on progress will be given at the follow up appointment with the trainer.

  • I understand during training sessions, slip leads, Martingale collars, and prong collars may be used. The trainer only uses these collars as a training device during short training sessions while supervised. They can provide controlled quick corrections for dogs that pull on leash. I understand they will only be used during sessions and not be left on the dog at any other point during their Pet Resort stay.